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Professional Liability Insurance

In Canada, there are many providers of professional liability insurance who service those in therapy, counselling, coaching and consulting. It is best to research insurance options specific to your location and scope of practice and obtain comparative quotes looking at such things as policy pricing and types of coverage ie liability, general insurance, error and omissions, malpractice, privacy breach etc.

Here are a few examples of providers from a google search:

Zensurance Counselling Insurance

AON Insurance – Canadian Counsellor Insurance

Easy Cover

Insurance Broker

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. have come together to create a beneficial competitive insurance program for certified therapists, counsellors, practitioners and coaches that have been certified by CCPC Global. The insurance program is offered on a national basis across Canada.

The program is designed for individuals and not as a master or group policy, making it a competitive and comprehensive policy. The program is comprised of “Professional Liability” and “General Liability & Products Liability” insurance. They are offered together as a package to complement your specific “scope of practice.” Insurance rates start at $225 with $1,000,000 per claim / $5,000,000 annual aggregate.

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