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About Certification

What is Certification?

Certification is granted to professionals who have completed an industry set level of education and working in their specific discipline.

Certification provides the recognition of the high level of professional accomplishments you have reached in your field. The professional designation awarded by CCPC Global highlights your achieved skills, proving them both effective and efficient in their specialized roles.

Professional Certification sets a high standard in a competitive market. Whether you are looking for a job or seeking new business, Professional Certification says you’ve taken the time and effort to understand the latest technologies and that you  are dedicated to your profession.  It’s  a strong calling card.

What can Certification do for you?

  • Certification shows that you have the work experience and training to meet a professional level within your field
  • Certification can provide increased opportunities for jobs, pay scale and career advancement
  • Certification shows your peers and employers your advanced standing in your field and your ongoing commitment to your profession
  • CCPC Certification is a mark of excellence gained from an independent certification body recognized nationally and internationally

There is increased confidence on the part of the people being served that they will be provided with highly qualified services and professionalism.

Who may be Certified?

Anyone who is currently working in one of our certification disciplines and meets the established standards as outlined in corresponding manual may apply. To view the list of certifications, click here!

How to Apply for Certification?

If you are interested in applying for any of our certifications, simply CLICK HERE and follow the steps. If you need more help or direction, contact us.

How to Keep Certification in Good Standing?

Once you have been granted a professional designation, it is your responsibility to keep it in good standing. This means you must be aware of annual renewal requirements and renew by your anniversary date each renewal period. Certificate holders will receive notification 4 – 6 weeks prior to this date from CCPC Global.