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Industry Affiliations

Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling and Trauma

Caritas A G Counselling Centre (Hong Kong)
Cool Family Solutions
Even Centre (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
K & J Consultants (Hong Kong)
Maritime Business College
Methodist Centre (Hong Kong)
Nechi Training, Research and Health Promotions Institute (Canada)
NET Training Institute – Online Training Programs (US)
North American Training Institute (NATI) (US)
SIIT – Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
Community Services Addictions Certificate (Canada)
Sue Howard Consulting Inc.
Taking Flight International
Three Eagle Wellness Society
Thunderbird Partnership Foundation (NNAPF)
Youth Website
Traden Consulting
White Raven Healing Centre
Yat On Responsible Gamblers’ Counselling Centre (Macau, China)
Youth Solvent Addictions Committee

Certified Nutrition Manager

Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM)

Community Service Worker

Medix School (Canada)
Anderson College

Leadership Training

Customer Service Professionals Network CSPN
IGM Academy Sdn. Bhd.

Solution-Focused Training Programs: Canada

Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching
Holland Bloorview Kid’s Rehabilitation Hospital
Solution-Focused Certificate Program (UofT) | Video
Solution-Focused Counselling Course | Email
Solution-Focused Interviewing | Email

Solution-Focused Training Programs: International

Academy of Solution-Focus Training Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Brief Academy (Singapore)

Spiritual Director / Supervisor

Tyndale University College & Seminary

Train the Trainer

Caritas A G Counselling Centre (Hong Kong)
Even Centre (Hong Kong)
Nechi Training, Research and Health Promotions Institute (Canada)