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About Accreditation

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation involves a detailed review and approval of material developed by education providers offering courses or programs. The courses are developed completely by the training facilities, NOT by CCPC Global. CCPC Global addresses the standards of the discipline as established by leaders in the field. Accreditation addresses the issue of quality assurance in a given discipline.

Our accreditation program is to assess all aspects of programming including instructor qualifications. This is a due diligence measure in the case of a college/institution as they have their own internal set of criteria. The review is also important when we have organizations putting on seminars or workshops that have no direct link to colleges/training facilities.

Providing Accreditation

CCPC Global provides certification to qualified applicants in approved disciplines and as a part of the certification process, the CCPC must ensure quality assurance with respect to the courses taken to set the standards for the discipline. This is always done in cooperation with the training facilities offering the courses. The process is established as Accreditation. Fees for Accreditation are assessed on a program-by-program basis where size, scope and frequency are factors. This will be discussed with the Accreditation team early in the process.

How are Programs/Courses Accredited?

Training facilities wanting their programs or courses accredited apply to CCPC Global, by providing documentation on course outlines, marketing materials, instructor CV’s and in-class video clips. Course material is reviewed by CCPC auditors and a recommendation for approval is determined. To complete the process, an on-site audit or virtual interview is required to include: 

  • Curriculum and course structure review
  • Testing procedures review
  • Classroom visits to review presentations
  • Instructor CV reviews
  • Teaching/instruction methods
  • Student interviews
  • Number of graduates
  • Employer; placement surveys; number of jobs found
  • Complaint procedure review
  • Phone interview with employer who has utilized student placement service

Meeting all the review points, an accreditation is approved and the training facility is notified. An official accreditation certificate of course/program approval is issued along with CCPC Stamp of Approval logo which can be used on course materials and marketing points like website. Approved courses and training facility are listed on the CCPC Global website with links back to the training facility’s website.

After Accreditation is granted, a process of follow-up reviews are made on a determined basis in order to review the consistency of courses and instructors. Course material will be reviewed to determine whether there are upgrades or whether the material has been substantially altered.

Accreditation leading to a Professional Designation / Certification

Accreditation is for the Accreditation of Programs.

Certification is for certifying individuals.

Often education providers have curriculum leading to a diploma or certificate in the given discipline and wish to have an official certification program established for this discipline.  For viable requests, CCPC Global will work with the industry representatives to create a certification designation.

All requests for the creation of a certification will be scrutinized for viability by the CCPC Board of Examiners.  Requests failing to meet the criteria to maintain a professional designation will not be approved. All certification program requests begin with the education providers having their courses successfully complete the CCPC Accreditation audit program listed above.

Certification for Non-Profit Professional Associations

Has your association wanted its own certification for its members?
Does your association have a certification program that is challenging to manage?

CCPC Global will create a partnership with your association to create or manage a certification program. The designation remains the property of the association.

Please contact our Accreditation team to begin the discussion.

How to Apply? Need More information?

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