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About Us

The Canadian Council of Professional Certification was established in 1975 for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of professionals working in their specific disciplines.  Professional Certification recognizes those who have acquired a high level of training, skill, and expertise in their given fields. CCPC awards credentials to those individuals who meet the established standards set out collaboratively with industry and CCPC’s board of examiners.

Today, CCPC grants certification to a variety of professional disciplines from counselling in addictions and gambling, solution focused Therapist-Practitioner-Coach to professional manager, spiritual direction and community service workers. To see a full list of certification designations click on the Certification tab.

There are many benefits of certification and are often reflected in professional recognition by other disciplines, (e.g. Doctors, lawyers, health care workers etc.). Certified professionals often see pay scale increases and client/employer recognition.

CCPC also offers Accreditation to education providers. The review process validates an ongoing commitment to setting a high level of competence and quality assurance within a given program offering. Being Accredited illustrates the level of “completeness “with which curriculum, manner of instruction and effectiveness of teaching outcomes for students are achieved.

Benefits of Accreditation:

  • Undertaking CCPC accreditation provides third party verification of conformity to high standards
  • It ensures standardization and unity of quality and training
  • Employers look for graduates of a recognized programs
  • Students from accredited programs have higher validation in the workplace

In 2009, the Canadian Council of Professional Certification created CCPC Global Inc. to broaden the scope for certification to an expanding global market.  As a certifying and accrediting body, CCPC’s mandate continues in setting and and maintaining high standards, professionalism and quality assurance.