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Forms & Manuals


Certified Professional Manager™ (CPM)

Certified Client Service Specialist (CCSS)
Certified Client Service Practitioner (CCSP)

Community Service Worker

Certified Community Service Worker (CCSW)

Associate Community Service Worker (ACSW)
(Entry Level to CCSW)

Counselling & Clinical Supervision

Certified Addiction Counsellor (CAC II)

Associate Addictions Counsellor (Entry Level to CAC II)

Registered Clinical Supervisor (RCS)

Certified Gambling Counsellor (CGC)

Associate Gambling Counsellor (Entry Level to CGC)

Certified Solution Focused Therapist (CSFT) and Practitioner (CSFP)

Certified Trauma Recovery Counsellor (CTRC)
Certified Grief Support Counsellor (CGSC)
Certified Suicide Intervention Counsellor (CSIC)
Certified Ambiguous Loss Counsellor (CALC)
Certified Sexual Trauma Counsellor (CSTC)

International Addiction Certification Programs

Certified Addiction Prevention Specialist I, II, III  (CAPS – Asia)

Certified Addiction Counsellor – Asia (CAC – Asia)

Certified Psychology / Addiction Counsellor I & II (CPAC I & II)

Spiritual Direction

Deaf Blind Specialist