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Certified Transformation Coach (CTC)

A turning point is defined, as a time after which life will never again be the same. The primary goal of the Transformation Coaching Certification Course is that students gain the knowledge and skills to support and counsel those who are moving through a major turning point and are struggling in their attempts to determine what meaning their life will have now, and what actions are required to live a more fulfilled life, one that is more in line with the person they have become.

During this online course, the search for one’s purpose, following a major turning point, is described from a spiritual perspective. Students learn to advance their counseling skills, to recognize the emotional and spiritual distress that can result from the search for life’s meaning and purpose, and to use therapeutic art and imagery to help their clients recognize the symbolic messages being revealed in those modalities. Based upon the belief that effective coaches can bring another along life’s journey, only as far as he or she has already travelled, a second goal of this course is the facilitation of personal growth for each participant.

For more information on this program and training, please contact Taking Flight International Corporation. This course is a pre-requisite for applying for the CTC designation.

Contact person: Borjana Pranic
Tel: 780- 473- 6732
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Mailing Address: 205 Griesbach Road NW  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5E 6S5

We, at Taking Flight International Corporation, look forward to welcoming you to the Transformation Coaching Certification Course.