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Certified Gambling Counsellor (CGC)

The impact of gambling addiction on individuals, families and society has motivated many to commit themselves to train and assist those who seek help to recover.

Counsellors working with people with gambling addiction realize that this addiction leads to a degenerate state affecting the physical, social, spiritual and psychological condition of a person.

CCPC Global provides the opportunity for all competent workers in the field of addiction and related fields, to be certified and recognized as Professional Addiction/Gambling Counsellors and Supervisors.

The Certified Gambling Counsellor (CGC) certificate will be issued to those who apply and are approved by the CCPC Examining Board.

Purpose of Certification

The purpose of Certification for the Certified Gambling Counsellor (CGC) is to recognize, by way of the certification process, those who have acquired an acceptable level of training, skills and effectiveness as a Gambling Counsellor.

The CCPC encourages everyone having the required qualifications to apply regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, sex, or disability.
The focus is:

  • To provide the avenue for qualified persons who have studied, worked, and developed skills in the gambling field to receive professional recognition.
  • To provide the public with confidence that Gambling Counsellors have attained an acceptable level of competency.
  • To provide Certified Counsellors with encouragement and opportunity for continual education and professional development.

Who may be certified?

Any person may apply for credentials as a Certified Gambling Counsellor (CGC). However, he or she must be able to meet the Standards Criteria for education set by the CCPC Examining Board.

Experience Required

The application process provides the opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate adequate skill, knowledge and competence as a gambling counsellor.

Education Required

Applicants must have a degree in counselling (e.g. MSW), a minimum of 60 hours of gambling specific training which meets the Core Competencies and 20 hours work experience in direct counselling, either volunteer or paid hours, at a recognized treatment facility.

As an alternative to the degree in counselling, certification as an Addiction Counsellor (CAC II) also qualifies the candidate for certification as a gambling counsellor (CGC).

Core Competencies

The following are the basic Core Competencies which are required to be certified as a Gambling Counsellor. The CCPC expects that these Core Competencies will be the minimum requirements for certification. Given that the prerequisite training requires basic counselling skills included in either a degree in counselling or certification as a Certified Addiction Counsellor CAC II or ICADC, the following will be required.

  1. Basic knowledge about gambling and treatment including:
    • History of gambling
    • Types of gambling
    • Relevant definitions and terminology
    • Significant literature in the field
  2. Counselling Skills: Interviewing Approaches and Techniques
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Screening Processes
  5. Assessment Processes
  6. Treatment Planning
  7. Crisis Intervention
  8. Relapse Prevention
  9. Effects on Family and Social Network
  10. Financial Counselling

Professional Responsibilities

The applicant must:

  • Adhere to the established code of ethics and professionalism which holds them accountable for ethical behaviour and professionalism in their relationships with clients, colleagues and external partners;
  • Maintain federal, provincial and agency regulations concerning business management by following proper procedures to preserve the client’s rights;
  • Set up and maintain a program of self-assessment of professional conduct (strength and weakness) using ethical and legal standards; and
  • Continue the process of professional growth and development by assessing one’s training needs and attaining the necessary education.

Professional References

All applications must be accompanied by two professional references. All references are for the purpose of assisting the CCPC Examining Board to make a fair and complete evaluation of the applicant’s competency.

All references are treated with strict professional confidentiality.
They should be addressed to CCPC Global and included with the application under confidential cover. Two written references should include the following information concerning the applicant:

  1. How does the applicant demonstrate self control?
  2. How has the applicant demonstrated reliability?
  3. Show how honesty is a part of the applicant’s personal/professional conduct.
  4. Give examples of the applicant’s ability to work with others.
  5. How informed is the applicant about the Gambling field.
  6. Comment on the communication skills of the applicant.
  7. Comment on the applicant’s ethical (professional) conduct.

The CCPC reserves the right to request additional information if required.

Supervisor Letter and Evaluation

All applications must be accompanied by a completed Supervisor Evaluation and a letter from your current supervisor on employer letterhead. The letter should confirm your position title, length of time in position, and number of hours of work experience as outlined in the Experience section of the Manual.

Keep a Record of your Application

It is recommended that all applicants maintain a personal file for their records. This file should contain copies of all of the following documents: the completed application; all past and current training-related transcripts, diplomas, and certificates; and a record of hours worked both in education and training and in work experience. The CCPC performs periodic checks of those certifications which require continual training or minimum hours worked.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this certification, please go to the manuals page download the CGC manual or simply CLICK HERE and follow the steps. If you need more help or direction, contact us.

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