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Certified Family Violence Counsellor (CFVC)

The primary goal of the Certified Family Violence Counsellor Online Course is for students to gain the knowledge and skills to support and counsel individuals who have experienced family violence. During the 30 hours of training, students gain knowledge of the impact of family violence on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of the abused person and how violence in the home affects the children, the extended family, and the abuser. Students learn to use advanced listening and counseling skills, therapeutic art, and guided visualization to learn to successfully guide clients to heal the inner most scars of family violence. Based on the belief that effective helpers must themselves be a healing journey, a second goal of this course is the facilitation of personal healing for each participant.

For more information on this course and the training, please contact Taking Flight International Corporation. This course is a prerequisite for the CFVC certification.

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We at Taking Flight International Corporation look forward to welcoming you to the Certified Family Violence Counsellor Online Course.